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Ultrasound MINDRAY

Mindray DC-8

Price 21 104 400 show price in $

In the past 10 years, Mindray had been continually evolving its family of ultrasound products. The company has been listening carefully and has been constantly striving to improve their products according to customer needs. Now they deliver the new DC-8 that truly represents the achievement of company's persistent effort.

Mindray DC-7

Price 9 208 880 show price in $

Color ultrasound system Mindray DC-7, provides superior quality of diagnosis, due to our own technologies Mindray. Features an intuitive interface and эргономичнм design

Mindray DP-50

Price 2 573 120 show price in $

Portable ultrasonic system with its high-speed data processing, thanks to the platform, X-treme engine, which is used in color scanners. Compact, easy operation, has small weight