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Siemens Acuson Antares

Siemens Acuson Antares


Price 5 160 000 show price in $

Siemens ACUSON Antares

ACUSON Antares ultrasound system, premium edition is a complete ultrasound solution, able to perform numerous exam types on any patient. Offering general imaging to contrast, breast imaging to OB/Gyn, volume imaging as well as stress echo, the ACUSON Antares system provides superior image quality and advanced workflow solutions.

The Antares system expands your range of clinical solutions with unparalleled imaging performance, case after case, across the spectrum of clinical applications: 
-3D/4D Imaging 
-Contrast Agent Imaging* 
-Stress Echo 

Unique system design allowing easy access to transducers and peripherals
Height adjustable control panel with intuitive HomeBase layout to help minimize repetitive motions
High-resolution 19-inch flat-panel display
Articulating arm for flat panel display
Compact, lightweight system architecture
Lightweight transducers and cables reduce operator strain
Intuitive workflow to reduce keystrokes and repetitive motion
Hanafy lens transducer and Extend imaging technologies designed to reduce transducer pressure with technically difficult-to-image patients