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General application (multifunctional)

Siemens Acuson Antares

Price 5 160 000 show price in $

Project cost includes...

ACUSON Antares ultrasound system, premium edition is a complete ultrasound solution, able to perform numerous exam types on any patient. Offering general imaging to contrast, breast imaging to OB/Gyn, volume imaging as well as stress echo, the ACUSON Antares system provides superior image quality and advanced workflow solutions.

Aloka ProSound SSD-3500

Price 22 325 600 show price in $

Project cost includes...

The ProSound 3500SX now combines the superior image quality, reliability, and acclaimed service that made Hitachi Aloka the gold standard in ultrasound with improved features seldom found in an office ultrasound environment.

Mindray DC-8

Price 21 104 400 show price in $

Project cost includes...

In the past 10 years, Mindray had been continually evolving its family of ultrasound products. The company has been listening carefully and has been constantly striving to improve their products according to customer needs. Now they deliver the new DC-8 that truly represents the achievement of company's persistent effort.

Ultrasound system Accuvix XG

Price 13 932 000 show price in $

Project cost includes...

One of the keys to the good 4D imaging on the Accuvix XG is its solid 2D imaging performance. You can’t, after all, get a good 4D image without a good 2D image.

Medison UGEO H60

Price 13 364 400 show price in $

Project cost includes...

Experience Samsung devotion to upholding the highest accuracy standards with the UGEO H60 ultrasound machine. Distinctive styling featuring a 10.1" touch screen and 18.5" LED monitor matches fundamental design with revolutionary performance to deliver simplicity and versatility in a light form and slim body, while a cutting-edge hybrid engine produces images for high-resolution display.

Mindray DC-7

Price 9 208 880 show price in $

Project cost includes...

Color ultrasound system Mindray DC-7, provides superior quality of diagnosis, due to our own technologies Mindray. Features an intuitive interface and эргономичнм design

SonoAce R7

Price 11 300 400 show price in $

Project cost includes...

It is a compromise between the diagnostic capabilities, outstanding quality visualization, advanced analytical service, compactness 5 kg of the device, battery-operated, complete with a wireless connection.

GE Logiq P5

Price 10 320 000 show price in $

Project cost includes...

Universal digital ultrasound system with the possibility of automatic three-dimensional real-time scanning.
System Logiq P5 offers superior image quality including advanced 4D capabilities and has a large number of sensors that can take care of the patient to mean something for your level.

ALOKA Alpha 7

Price 8 415 616 show price in $

Project cost includes...

High-performance for easier diagnosis, shorter exam times, and increased efficiency. Hitachi Aloka Prosound Alpha 7 offers superb performance with both high penetration and spatial resolution, more detailed image information, deeper penetration and and advanced 3D/4D functionality, and transducers designed for patient comfort.

ALOKA Alpha 6

Price 9 490 272 show price in $

Project cost includes...

Powerful, very compact, and truly user-friendly, the award-winning Prosound A6 is the smallest and lightest system in its class. Boasting 2 displays (one of them sensitive to the touch) an a host of options and technologies, ALOKA Alpha 6 is one the best systems in cardiology and general imaging

GE Logiq C5

Price 6 536 000 show price in $

Project cost includes...

Color ultrasound scanner Logiq C5 gives excellent diagnostic capabilities without the need for large investments, and therefore ideal for medical institutions, with a limited budget. Small size, excellent ergonomics and ergonomic design make it easy to move the device where you want to help.

Mindray DP-50

Price 2 573 120 show price in $

Project cost includes...

Portable ultrasonic system with its high-speed data processing, thanks to the platform, X-treme engine, which is used in color scanners. Compact, easy operation, has small weight